Why ‘Hate to Grow Up?’

Many of you might have seen, purchased and even worn a piece from our debut collection back when we launch our brand – K.Kristina. More than five years later, ‘Hate to Grow up’ still remains one of our most loved collections. As a designer that has been rather difficult to accept in some ways, mainly because there is a part of me that always tries to outdo that collection with each new one that I create. Yet, somehow those butterflies and popsicles always steal the show! It makes me happy to have created something that instantly left an impression, on the other hand it’s also created a huge challenge.

While ideating on this collection I was in a phase in life where I had gotten my first taste of reality. I stepped into the world as a working professional, having to come to a place where I needed to prove myself every day, facing new challenges and learning how to overcome them. Suddenly you realise how frivolous and simple college was, there were no boundaries to your creativity, you only had to create for yourself. I was faced with a harsh reality that I don’t think college gave me a whiff off, or let alone prepared me for . It made me long for those simple carefree days of spending hours on campus with my closest friends, exchanging ideas, complaining about assignments, learning and creating magic together! It really made me hate to have to ‘grow-up’.

K.Kristina Signature Popper-fly print placement; Popper-fly A line Skirt

I wished things could be simpler and more carefree, but at the same time I was not naïve. I knew this was something that was inevitable and I had to change my approach towards it. I began to recollect various memories from the past few years, and realised the things that made me happy were constant. They were simple pleasures, no matter where you are or what you do, life always throws you moments that bring an irrevocable joy.

K.Kristina Stripped Popper-fly print; Maxi Skirt & Square Top both in Stripped Popper-fly print

I wanted to create a something that would be there to remind us of these simple pleasures. I think by now, everyone who knows me or is familiar with my brand knows my love for butterflies. My simple pleasure, in any shape or form they undoubtedly bring a smile to my face. It has become a K.Kristina signature to have a print that depicts butterflies no matter what the theme is for that season. Finding something that brought me simple joy, got me thinking about other things that people tend to enjoy – a popsicle on a hot summer’s day or a warm cup-cake at midnight.

K.Kkristina Escaping Butterflies Print; Co-ord set in our signature Escaping Butterflies print

Working with these elements I started illustrating print ideas for my collection. I usually start the process with sketching by hand and then working on them digitally, using Abobe Illustrator (I will get into the details of this in another post).

K.Kristina Cupcake Stealer print; Sarong in our signature Cupcake Stealer print

HTGU had simple silhouettes and kept the focus on the prints. It will always be a special collection for me, being the very first and more so cause of all the love it has and continues to receive even today. Until next time, I’ll still be around working hard to create something even better for you all!



  • Anita

    This will always be a favorite as it was your first , more special because I saw you working on the sketches. And the excitement when you launched . Each piece with its own style.

  • Shruti

    So well written, and so relatable! Absolutely love the prints and I have been a fan since I have known you! You are a Rockstar!!

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