The New Normal

This phrase has been doing the rounds for a while now, you see hashtags, AD campaigns and everyone talking about ‘the new normal’. But what does it really mean for a brand like K.Kristina?

This pandemic has brought with it many things, the most common for everyone has been CHANGE. In my previous post I spoke about the kind of changes I’ve had to make for my business. In relation to those changes there has also been a big difference in how I work with my clients. Usually when a client comes to me to get something custom made, we meet and discuss ideas, fabric, the occasion, etc, all in detail face to face. It allows me to get to know them a little better, see what makes them feel comfortable and understand their preferences. In addition to this I take their measurements. This is key, as proper measurements are essential for a well fitted garment and that is something I pay extra attention to. If you speak to any of my clients they always compliment me on the fit! 

Speaking over video call and getting to know someone a little better is not much of a challenge, I think this is something we have gotten accustomed to for a while now, way B.C (Before Covid) [I just had to sneak that in there :P]

However, taking someone measurements over a call is not that simple. Of course B.C my outstation clients would have the option of asking a local tailor to help them in this regard, but with not being able to step out and having to take constant precaution it’s not really the best option.

I thought about it and came up with the idea of making a simple video to teach people the right way to take their measurements. Custom piece or not, I think it’s important to know ‘How to measure yourself’. Whether you’re shopping online, getting a blouse or a dress custom made or even shopping in a store and you don’t want to try on everything you wish to buy. Knowing your measurements helps you pick the right size, and that’s something we all want!

I also thought it would be fun for people to have their own measurement chart, which they can download for free from our website - Here. It has all the basic measurements listed and they can follow the video and fill it up accordingly. There is also a croquis on the right, if they want to they can design an outfit for themselves, add their name to it and keep it for whenever they want to get something made!

Measurement Chart

Having my clients follow this process also really helps me make something that I know will fit right. Did I mention fittings are virtual too? Well that’s hard, not being able to physically pin and tuck fabric for my clients. Let me just say that my clients have been absolute darlings following my instructions via video call, and pinning and draping their pieces as and how I tell them to. Despite all this we’ve made some beautiful pieces and have happy clients send us pictures in their #customkkristina 

That’s all the news for now!

Lots of love,


P.S: If you would like to get something custom made please do write to me at and we can create some magic together. The theme lately has been repurposing old sarees’ into new and contemporary pieces. It’s been challenging but so much fun and most importantly it's super sustainable!


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